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Posted by on May 6, 2022 in Featured | 0 comments

Brain-picking session

Brain-picking session

Hello there, welcome!

If you’re here is because you probably know a little about me, if not, please allow me to introduce myself.

I’m Mónica Correa, History Teacher and Data Journalist.

I’ve had a successful career as a Journalist covering politics and economics in South America and in 2019 I decided to change a bit and started to learn computer programming, since then I’ve worked as Data Analyst and have been learning a lot about Analytics, Python and Technical Writing.

During the past years, I’ve been working with independent authors to help them to promote their books using social media and analyzing their metrics in order to produce a better story telling and to offer better products and services.

In my teaching path, I’ve worked as Research Assitant and Teacher being able to teach: Latinamerican History, Writing techniques and Spanish language. This allowed me to develop my own program. I’ve been able to do this as a result of my learning path: a Bachelor in Journalism, a Bachelor in History Teaching and a Specialization course on teaching for university education.

Thanks to my remote-work abilities, I’ve had the opportunity to live in 4 countries, Spanish is my native language, I also speak English and I’m currently learning Dutch.

I’m currently working as Tecnical Writer and I help people graduated of Social and Humanistic Sciences to find their place in IT.

As you see, learning and helping others is my thing!

If you feel identified with my story and think that I can help you, this brain-picking session is for you!

📝 Need some references?

➡️ Check out my Linkedin and my portfolio.

📩 Contact me:

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