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Posted by on Aug 6, 2018 in Featured, Travel | 0 comments

Enjoying Buenos Aires as a Local: Events

Enjoying Buenos Aires as a Local: Events

In the first piece of this serie about enjoying Argentina as a local, I gave you some tips about people and local history, the second was about places and how to get there, this time, I’ll guide you to find events according your interests.

Buenos Aires is the kind of city where are a lot of this happening all the time, a lot of them for free, others, not so free. So, how can we find events that fit our budget?


The easiest option: look for the options provided by Gobierno de la Ciudad, in recent years, local government has organized the way they spread the word about  events organized by them, go ahead and take a look of Disfrutemos BA, you can also download their app for Android or check also their social media profiles.


Other entertainment options

Because not every event in this city will be available on Disfrutemos BA, these are the links to get all the information about every kind of event:

There you can check out time, place and price.


As every other big city, a lot of things could happen while you’re visiting. Some Additional tips to remember:

  • To check out the exchange rate, I recommend you to check out this Here also exists a kind of parallel exchange rate named: Dolar Blue, be careful. If you need to change, not all banks to those transactions, it’s better to go to an exchange house.
  • ATM: Here, at ATMs using a foreign card you just can get ARS$4000 per day, however, per withdraw you can get ARS$2000. You’ll be charged US$5 per withdraw.
  • Keep cash: Due to previous incidents with banks, a lot of stores and restaurants don’t accept cards (neither debit nor credit), government is trying to force them to accept them but to be honest, is very difficult.


After these three posts, I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy the city.

¡Bienvenidos a Buenos Aires!

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