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Posted by on Sep 1, 2016 in Featured, Politics | 0 comments

Venezuelans protest in Buenos Aires

Venezuelans protest in Buenos Aires

Following an appointment that was made for today by Venezuelan government and opposition, Venezuelans met today in Caracas and also in many cities around the world. dscf2116

In Buenos Aires, leftist Argentineans leaders called La Cámpora concentrated in front of Venezuelan Embassy in Luis María Campos Av. to support Maduro’s government, collapsing transit. Venezuelan opposition was also there.

Due to the mass of people, Argentinean Federal Police divided both sides that started to insult each other. Leftist activists attacked the Venezuelan opposition.

Venezuelan opposition party MUD demonstrated today in Caracas in a movement called “Toma de Caracas”, where they ask to their electoral authority to start the process to revoke Nicolas Maduro’s regime. They also invited to Venezuelan’s around the world to demonstrate in their local embassies and ask for the same.

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