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Posted by on Mar 18, 2014 in Marketing, Technology, VoIP | 0 comments

How VoIP Can Help Your Small Business?

How VoIP Can Help Your Small Business?

Over a super connected society there’s a telephone network that is used through VoIP without even being noticed. But what is really VoIP?

VoIP, also known as Voice Over Internet Protocol, is described according to Andonava and Ladrón (2006) as “a revolutionary technology that will minimize the price of telephone calls, contributing to the convergence between telephony and internet”. On the other hand, describes VoIP’s functions in more common terms as “a phone service over the internet”.
How to use VoIP or similar services to expand your business?
In addition to VoIP, there are services as SIP (Session Initial Protocol) also based on IP where business owners can call or send media material.
Assuming that VoIP and similar services are cheaper than traditional phone rates, small business owners can use it to catch new clients calling them, and even sending information about their products quickly.
In the business world, it is important to keep the costumer happy (but remember he’s not always right), so keeping in touch with them via telephone will allow having feedback about the products, and researching what can be done in order to succeed.
One of the most important aspects of VoIP and similar services is that it connects traditional services with high-tech ones.

What about the benefits?
• Speed: You only need a fixed phone service to call a costumer across the ocean; it will be effective if you have a goal; make a list of questions about their requirements and possible answers about your products or deadlines.
• Easiness: All millennials (people who were born after 1980) are related to computers and smartphones. In this case it is even easier if you were born slightly later because all you need is a computer with internet access, most of the software used to make VoIP calls are very simple and don’t need an experienced person to use them.
• Costs: Worldwide, landline telephony is cheaper than any other kind of telephone service because its rates are controlled by the government. So, take a chance on it!

With great power comes great responsibility 
In order to succeed in your business using VoIP or similar services, try to avoid scamming or any other irregular situation that can be used against your company, its easy use can be dangerous if it’s not used correctly, so try to assign a few people to make the calls and control the access to the software used to that end. Develop any necessary plan; make lists, use assigned schedules and ask for reports in order to motorize how your strategies are working.

The future is here
According to the International Telecommunication Union 2013 annual report, from 2003 to 2013 households with internet access in developed countries grew to 77, 7 per cent; this is a big chance to locate your target and develop goals in order to succeed.
In this annual report, it is estimated that by 2015, at least 60 percent of the world population should be online, 50 percent of them in developing countries. So, as long as you stay connected, your business will be on the radar!


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